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The House of Van Helsing

Almost certainly related by blood to both the Spielsdorf and Karnstein families.  Their award of arms is as follows:  Quarterly, sable and gules, per sinister base a tower or. Who awarded the arms remains a mystery but one likely contender would be the Holy Roman Empire.  Continuing research into this family of vampire hunters continues.  Here are those members of the house which have (so far) been identified.  A family tree showing relationships (as far as they are known) can be found below:

Adelia Van Helsing, Raphael Van Helsing, Otto Van Helsing and Abelard Van Helsing all left notes behind regarding the hunting of demons, vampires, dragons and the like.

Gabriel Van Helsing is a very mysterious figure, whose history remains unknown (quite possibly to himself).

Sir Andreas Van Helsing (   -1789) is mentioned in the series Young Dracula.  His painting is on the wall, albeit with the name “Sir Manly” which indicates the tone of the show.  “Andreas” on the other hand does mean exactly that.  Death coincided with the French Revolution.

Dr. Jan Van Helsing (Before 1791 - ?) would seem to have a scientist of some kind and a refugee from the French Revolution.  His inclusion must be viewed as somewhat speculative since the only reference to him is in a description of Van Helsing ancestors in the novel Covenant With the Vampire, whose plot is generally un-Woldable.  It remains possible this name filtered into the story due to author’s research.  Jan would be father of four known sons:  Boris, Abraham, Cornelius and Henrik.

Unknown Van Helsing #1 (Before 1791 - ?) about whom all we know is that he had two sons:  Fritz and David.

Boris Van Helsing (r)
Boris Van Helsing ( -1909) An interesting and brilliant man, Boris actually invented a vampire cure, which he subsequently destroyed when Dracula-Mordante and Vampirella traveled back in time to steal it (or so he believed).  Precise records of the Van Helsings begin with his generation.  Boris was murdered by Dracula-Balderston.  He had three children:  Sons Arnold and Norris and daughter Miley. (see Vampirella comics as well as 1979 film)

Abraham Van Helsing ( - ) Arguably the most famous member of the clan, whose life saw the start of the Dracula-Van Helsing feud/war.  He had a son, Lawrence, and a daughter, Maria.

Cornelius Van Helsing (?)  Relatively little is known about this man, save that he left a written account of his adventures hunting vampires.  He and a companion followed up on his brother Abraham’s exploits in Transylvania, while Cornelius himself ended up in prison.

Henrik Van Helsing (?)

Fritz Van Helsing (?)  Defeated the soul-clone Dracula-Saville in 1909.  Was evidently fond of or deeply respected his cousin, since he named his some Abraham II after him.

David Van Helsing
David Van Helsing (?)  Initially skeptical of all things supernatural, this scholar learned otherwise when held captive by sect known as The Brotherhood.  As a result, he played a pivotal role in defeating (but alas, not destroying) Dracula-Pan in 1909.  According to Gustav, his great-grandson as told in Dracula: The Series, David at one point made a detailed map that the creature known as Alexander Lucard would use as a base.  He had at least one son to carry on the family name, Peter.

Arnold Van Helsing (?) What we know about Arnold is that he seems to have become completely Anglicized, lacking any trace of his father’s accent.  In 1909 he personally destroyed the soul clone Dracula-Matheson.  He had at least two sons, Jeremiah and another who seemed to have changed the family name to “Hellsing.”

Norris Van Helsing (?) For many years it was presumed Norris to have disappeared fighting the soul clone Dracula-Rominoff, presumably killed.  In the 1980s the much-stranger truth came out.  He had been trapped in another reality dubbed “limbo” since 1897.  His name is mentioned in Young Dracula while what little we know of his story is chronicled in the film The Monster Squad.  He has no known children.

Miley Van Helsing
Miley Van Helsing (? – 1909) was victimized by Dracula-Matheson, who transformed her into a vampire, forcing her father to stake her.

Lawrence Van Helsing (1850-1910) fought many vampires, including Baron Meinster, Dracula Kah and (especially) Dracula-Denrom.  Like his cousin Arnold, he seems to have become completely anglicized.  He had two sons, Leyland and Valdemar.

Abraham Van Helsing II (?-?) evidently emigrated to America and married a woman named Rosenberg.  Since it seems likely at least two of their children followed the Hebrew faith, he may have converted.  Murdered by an as-yet-unidentified bride (or daughter) of Dracula (or one of his soul-clones) he eventually haunted his granddaughter and helped her avenge his death.  He had three known sons:  Ira, Jeffrey and Victor.

Peter Van Helsing (?-?) somewhat surprisingly is the only known member of the family to have joined the Watcher’s Council, that body which oversees the mystic bloodline of the Slayers.  He evidently had at least one son to carry on the family name.

Jeremiah Van Helsing (?-?) was the son of Arnold and evidently was quite the scholar of occult lore.  He learned of a unique ritual that Dracula-Prime intended to enact decades in the future, preparing his son August to thwart the Impaler’s plans.  He has no other known children.

Hellsing #1 (?-?) for some reason changed his name.  Given the timing, one likely explanation is the anti-German hysteria of WWI that might have seen “Van Helsing” as too German. 

Leyland Van Helsing
Leyland Van Helsing (1877- ) accompanied his father Lawrence to China in order to combat the Seven Golden Vampires, then under the sway of Dracula-Kah.  During this adventure, Leyland met and married a martial artist named Mei Kwei.  Many years later, Leyland helped thwart the efforts of Dracula-Lejos.  He and Mei Kwei had two sons, Lorimar and H.R. (what these initial stand for remains to be learned) and a daughter named Jessica.

Valdemar Van Helsing (?-?) remains one of the family about whom little has been learned.  He did however function as a freelance vampire/monster hunter in the 1970s, when he crossed paths with Dr. Adam Spektor.

Jeffrey Van Helsing (1938- ?) took his mother’s maiden name “Rosenberg” and established a therapeutic practice in New York City.  He had a relationship with a model named Cindy Sondheim, and when she became the target of a vampire’s attentions, Jeffrey reclaimed his heritage, albeit not before losing Cindy.  Eventually he had two children, a son named Stan and a daughter named Willamena.

Ira Van Helsing (?-?) was apparently Jeffrey’s younger brother and like him took the Rosenberg name.  Both evidently were raised Jewish.  Ira moved to California, where he married a woman named Sheila and had a daughter, Willow.

Victor Van Helsing (1948-1989) retained the family name but in the end became the victim of a vampire while investigating a nest of the creatures (as noted in the film Transylvania Twist).

Unknown Van Helsing #2 (?-?) was the son of Peter, but very little is as yet known about him, save that he produced a daughter and two sons—Gustav and Abraham III (who may well have been twins).

Lorimar Van Helsing
August Van Helsing (?-?) was evidently a dedicated expert on vampires who continued researches began by his father.  He adopted a son named Noah, but also had two other sons by his wife Martina Bradshaw of Boston.  Interestingly, Martina was a twin.  She and her brother were the illegitimate offspring of one Matthew Caine, a sometimes Shaolin Priest who was the grandson of the man who became Dracula-Latos.  Evidently a deeply religious man, August named his sons from biblical figures, include Isaac and Malachi.

Sir Arthur Hellsing (?-1989) became the head of a paramilitary organization dedicated to destroying monsters and demons.  Evidence suggested he wed a woman from India.  The precise circumstances of his knighthood remain unknown.  He intended his daughter Integra to take his place.

Richard Hellsing (?-?) sought to usurp his niece’s position, and in the process accidentally freed a vampire who considered himself honor-bound to serve the family for the rest of time.

Lorimar Van Helsing (1909-?) strongly resembled his grandfather and followed in his footsteps.  He is known to have had three sons:  Matthew, Conrad and Kurt.

Jessica Van Helsing I (?-?) was a vampire hunter active in the 1940s.

H.R. Van Helsing (?-?) became heavily involved in an American paramilitary organization dedicated to fighting vampires and the like, dubbed the Polidorium.  One of the most fecund of all members of the family, he had at least five children:  Judith, Alex, Veronica (aka “Ronnie”), Francesca (aka “Frankie) and Robert (aka “Bobbie”).

Willow Rosenberg
Willow Rosenberg (1982- ?) might yet be unaware she is entitled to call herself a Van Helsing.  She became a highly skilled magic-user and the best friend/companion of the Slayer Buffy Anne Summers.

Stan Van Helsing (circa 1980-?) seems to be an example of how destiny can act independently of talent.  He quite accidentally helped end a supernatural threat as chronicled in a motion picture that bears his name.

Willamena Van Helsing (circa 1982-?) eventually found herself haunted by the ghost of her grandfather Abraham II and at his urging managed to destroy a powerful female vampire while attending college.  A very bowdlerized version of this story became the motion picture The Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing.

Unnamed Van Helsing #3 (?-?) ended up married to a man named Townsend.  They had a son named Richard.

Gustav Van Helsing (1925-?) was a considerable scholar of history and the occult, but seems to have left the vampire-hunting to his brother (and probably twin) Abraham III.  When he did start to fight vampires, he in particular went after the creature known as Alexander Lucard.  He had at his disposal a powerful talisman known as the Cross of the Magyars.  Gustav and his wife Margaret had at least one son, Klaus.

Abraham Van Helsing III (1925-1965) evidently was an active vampire slayer, as well as the grandfather of Eric Van Helsing who refers to him in Dracula: The Series.  He had an unnamed son and a daughter, Lena.

Noah Van Helsing (?-?) as the adopted son of August, and turned out to be an ally of the dhampir Blade.

Isaac Van Helsing (?-?) was a vampire hunter, as recorded in the film The Last Sect.  He bears a startling resemblance to his great-great-grandfather, Thomas Caine aka Dracula-Latos.

Malachi Van Helsing
Malachi Van Helsing (?-?) also hunted/hunts vampires as recorded in the film My Mom’s Dating a Vampire.

Integra Hellsing (1977-?) survived an assassination attempt by her uncle when she was only twelve years old.  She then went on to head a paramilitary anti-vampire/demon organization.  (See Hellsing)

Matthew Van Helsing (?-2000) maintained an antiques business while holding a powerful soul clone later known as Dracula-Judas prisoner.  When this creature escaped, Matthew sought to protect his daughter Mary, and in the process was murdered by the three new brides of the soul clone.

Conrad Van Helsing (1930-?) is both blind and psychic, and has had many encounters with both Dracula-Mordante as well as Vampirella.  He married Ruth Parrish Keogh and had two sons, Adam and Robert.

Kurt Van Helsing Sr. (1931-1968) and his wife Anna Ambroisius were murdered by vampires and the woman known as Vampirella framed for the crime.  The couple had three daughters—Rachel I, Jessica II and Vanessa—as well as a son, Kurt Jr.

Judith Van Helsing

Alex Van Helsing

Veronica “Ronnie” Van Helsing (1974-?) (see Sword of Dracula comic)

Francesca “Frankie” Van Helsing

Roberta “Robbie” Van Helsing

Richard Townsend (?-?) was a businessman turned into a vampire by Alexander Lucard.  He and his wife Eileen had two sons, Chris and Max.

Klaus Van Helsing (?-?) was also turned into a vampire by Alexander Lucard.  He bears a startling resemblance to Nicholas de Brabant, a medieval knight who became a Sutekhim vampire (see Forever Knight and Dracula: The Series).

Unnamed Van Helsing #4 (?-?) is only known as the son of Abraham III and father of Eric.

Lina Van Helsing (?-?) is a psychiatrist who seems to have encountered a Dacian vampire’s victims but did not recognize the signs.  It is possible she later traveled to America and went mad after a meeting of her own with the same vampiress dispatched (in theory) by Willamena Van Helsing.  (See Snakewoman and The Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing and Lust of Dracula)  She bears a resemblance to some women in the Karnstein family.

Mary Heller (?-2000) used her mother’s maiden name.  Living in New Orleans, she ultimately succumbed to Dracula-Judas, becoming a vampire.  Yet in the end she decided to follow her father’s path, fighting the undead.  [Note:  A fair number of Van Helsings of this generation ended up vampires]

Adam Van Helsing (1952-?) was an adult in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  It showed.  He entered into a relationship with Vampirella, fighting Dracula-Mordante.  Adam was good friends with Michelle Collins of Maine and her son Martin grew up referring to him as his uncle.  In time Adam claimed Martin to be his son, but this seems extremely unlikely due to dates.  Later, after Adam managed to defeat Dracula-Lejos, the two became instrumental (they thought) in destroying a Dacian vampire of the Karnstein family who was a kind of adopted daughter to the soul-clone.  (See Vampirella comics, Dark Shadows unfinished 2004 pilot, the film Nadja).

Robert Van Helsing (1958-1977) tracked down a nest of vampires that turned out to be led by a reformed Dracula-Latos!  This colony in the Arizona desert consisted mostly of undead who longed to stop killing and live in peace, but faced rebellion by younger, more feral vampires.  Sandy, a young vampires who fell in love with Robert, bit and turned him.  He then helped defeat the evil vampires.  (see Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat motion picture)

Rachel Van Helsing I (1950-1982) saw her parents murdered by vampires and was raised by the elderly vampire hunter Quincy Harker.  When Dracula-Prime seemed at long last defeated, she entered into a relationship with Frank Drake, the direct descendant of the Impaler himself.  It did not last but produced a daughter, Rachel II.  Upon resurrection Dracula-Prime turned her into a vampire, but after his defeat she persuaded a hero to destroy her. (see Marvel Comics)

Kurt Van Helsing Jr. (1952- ) defeated a Dracula soul-clone in the 1970s and went on to marry Mary Gibbons, the vampire’s target. (see The Curse of Dracula)

Jessica Van Helsing
Jessica Van Helsing II (1956- ?) was raised by her grandfather, Lorimar (see Dracula A.D. 1972)

Vanessa Van Helsing (1962) was a psychic who aided a team in hunting vampires and monsters. (see Night Force from DC Comics)

Sophie Townsend, nee Metternich (?-?) was the ward of Gustav Van Helsing, eventually falling in love and marrying Chris Townsend, the old man’s nephew.  Due to a strange set of circumstances, she was turned into a Varnean vampire but cured.  Many years later she was turned again, this time into an Orlockian and as a result was vastly powerful, taking the name Lilith and leading a very dangerous nest in Los Angeles.  She and Chris had two daughters, Christine and Amber. (see Dracula: The Series and 30 Days of Night sequel)

Christopher “Chris” Townsend (?-?) was a Van Helsing by blood but not name.  His father vanished and only eventually did the family learn he’d been turned by Alexander Lucard.  In time he married his Uncle Gustav’s ward, Sophie.  They had two daughters, Christine and Amber (see Dracula: The Series and the upcoming The Sisterhood)

Maximillian “Max” Townsend (1970 - ?) never knew his father.  He became like a second son to Gustav, and enthusiastically studied vampires. (see Dracula: The Series).  As an adult, changed his name to Jacob Van Helsing (see Bram Stoker’s Dracula’s Curse)

Eric V.H. and son
Eric Van Helsing (?-?) was a teacher in England whose wife at first did not believe his talk about vampires and the family history.  Then the soul-clone Dracula-Edgar and his family crossed their paths.  Ultimately, Eric was mesmerized to forget the existence of the undead and so was helpless when confronted by same.  His widow and son Jonathan or “Johnno” vowed to carried on in his memory. (see Young Dracula television show)

Martin James Collins (c. 1960 -?) ended up at the center of events in New York when his wife was bitten by the very unusual Dacian dhampir named Irina. (see the film Nadja)  Whether in fact Adam Van Helsing was indeed his father remains a little mysterious, but overall not at all likely.  Then again, Adam might have married Michelle Collins (Martin’s mother) at some point so it remains possible this describes their legal relationship.  Martin and Adam together exorcised the Collinsgreen estate in upstate New York, probably in the late 1990s (see 2004 Dark Shadows).

Rachel Corrigan, nee Van Helsing (?-?) looks amazing like her mother.  Widows at the same time her son Connor died, she and her daughter Kat eventually found themselves associated with a covert organization known as the Legacy.  As a direct descendant of both Abraham Van Helsing and Count Dracula, Rachel has demonstrated considerable abilities as a magic user. (see Poltergeist: The Legacy)

John Van Helsing (?-?) would seem to be the son of Kurt Jr., and whose widow Samantha is a vampire hunter with certain powers (and amnesia).  (see Helsing from Caliber Comics).